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The UK government is worried. The chancellor sees the country’s financial plight as “arguably the worst” in 60 years.

A draft Home Office document fears an increase in support for “far right extremism and racism”.

In addition, a surge in “acquisitive crime” is expected. Presumably, that scourge of a booming economy – gratuitous property offloading (GPO) will experience a sharp decline. No more waking up to a house mysteriously filled with other people’s unwanted high-end electrical products then.

Worse still, the Home Office fears the nation’s cultural bedrock is cracking under the strain.

According to the Guardian, “Jacqui Smith, the home secretary … WARNS that a downturn may lead to”:

“a FALL in the use of cocaine and LESS drunken disorder in town centres unless drinks companies respond to the downturn by aggressive price cutting.”

Odd government warnings these. Perhaps plummeting cocaine use would trigger a cabinet crisis of confidence. or even a full-blown crash.

As for warning that less drunken disorder would be evident on the streets, this is easier to explain.

A sober and fully aware populace always presents a clear threat to government stability. There are obvious political gains in 24/7 drinking laws and the carpet-bombing of town centres with liquor licenses.

More drunken disorder  = good. More civil disorder = bad.

Work may be the curse of the drinking classes, but, for leaders in peril, sizeable numbers in the latter can be a merry blessing.


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