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For trips to the UK, always start with the Lake District.

Wait for me.

wait for me

Check the walls.

Typical northern dwelling and evening fayre ūüėČ

It’ll need a big coil ‘oil…

Hallowed be thy game.

Scraping a pre-season 2-2 draw against the mighty Glossop North End.

The masses have braved Woodhead Pass for this feast of football. 

Should probably take the kids to the smoke. St. Pancras has scrubbed up well.

Interesting use of space. But is it art? No, it’s just the way in to Tate Modern.

Nice doggy.

Crossing the river in 45 minutes. Feels like a millennium.

Is Liz back?

Just one more visit.

South Yorkshire.

It’s a state of mind.


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